Duct cleaning and UV light Services 

Reme Halo and basic Duct cleaning for:
$1369.00/per system

Issues we look for :

-dusty house

-low air flow

-microbial growth

-bad smell

-have peace of mind 

Services available 

   *Duct cleaning service (basic and advance: both include chemical clean of grills)

   *Fogger disinfection (entire duct work and AC system helps prevent microbial growth)

   *UV light system (kill bacteria, viruses, mold, bad smells, VOC)

   *Replacement of ducts 

   *HVAC repair

   *air seal(stop lossing air and/or suking in dust)

   *blower motor/wheel clean out

   *furnace cleanout

   *chemical AC coil clean out

   *Complete HVAC system replacement (High SEER rating) 

0% financing available on all repairs, service, and replacement

Video Camera inspection (available)

with our 7 inch LCD hooked up to a 45 ft long camera. We will througly inspect your duct and AC system. includes inspection at:

- duct work at grills (we will remove grills for camera access)

- Plenum (air duct distributor box located in attic)

- AC coils,

-return air (where filter is located),

- furnace/air handler