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Your Local smart home guide and installer 

The Smart home 

The smart home only works if it is practical.  You can only tell the light to turn blue so many times before you eventually get bored and becomes useless.  The smart home needs to function with our daily lives without even thinking about it too much.  Set up an appointment online to see how we can make your home "smart."  

Smart AC system

An air conditioning system can be "smart".  Besides considering proper size, insulation of home, duct design, and heat load calculations; we can make an air conditioning system smart.  FreshTech AC can install a system that varies its cooling & heating capacities depending on environmental conditions.  Use the AC's full capacity when necessary (extremely hot/cold days) and lower capacities during transition temperatures (hot one day, cold the next day especially in the Houston area).  Let us install a new smart AC system for optimal comfort and save you energy all year long.  

Smart controls 

FreshTech can install and set up Nest, google, Alexa, and Apple home kit products.  Their is a lot of products available that are compatible with different ecosystems.  Some work better than others and some just need the right set up.  


 FreshTech AC continuously test and researches different smart products.  Many work with Google, Apple, and Alexa and we guide you and install the best smart home products for you.  From controlling the thermostat with voice command, turning the light blue when it rains, or smoke/carbon monoxide detectors that "speak" the location of where the of the trouble is coming from, we can set up a practical solution for you.  Set up an appointment online and find out how.   

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